Genève Mundi

GENÈVE MUNDI. Six balades pour découvrir les empreintes du monde dans la ville 
(GENÈVE MUNDI. Six walks to discover the footprints of the world in the city) Editions Slatkine, 2023.

It seems that all roads lead to Geneva! A land of refuge, a land of exchange, Geneva has a rich tradition of diversity and openness to the world. This book presents how, throughout its history, the city was built and inspired by encounters and exchanges with foreign personalities and communities. The proposed itineraries allow you to discover several monuments, linked to no less than 41 different countries, which bear the traces of these contacts. Come and meet, along the way, Cervantes, Michelangelo, Nelson Mandela, Violeta Parra, Armenian survivors, Vietnamese boat people and Italian seasonal workers.

Book presentations and reviews

Presentations and events

  • Trailer by Dry Kats Pictures   🎥
  • Book launch, Librairie Le Vent des Routes, Genève, 13 novembre, 2023.
  • Salon du Livre de Genève, 9 mars 2024.
  • The "invisibles" of Geneva. Genève Mundi et La lessive. Interview with Epiphane Amanfo, Radio Cité Genève, 21 mars 2024.   📻
  • L’autre Genève internationale. La contribution des étrangers à l’histoire de Genève. (The 'other' Geneva. The contribution of foreigners to the creation of the city),  Greytalk organisé par Greycells, Association of Former International Civil Servants for Development, 21 march 2024. Maison International des Associations, Genève   🎥
  • Conversation with Eva Michel, Librairie Albatros, Genève, 25 avril, 2024.  


« This richly illustrated guide offering six routes full of information will certainly convince you that walking around Geneva is not necessarily limited to consumerist window shopping, but can be the ideal opportunity to complete your historical knowledge by rediscovering people whose memory deserves to be celebrated still today. Throughout these discoveries, we can be convinced that Geneva has been able to create links with foreign communities and personalities who are now part of its DNA and it has been able to defend progressive causes and values. »
Nicolas Quinche, La Côte, 12.01.2024.    📖

« This work invites you to discover, as you walk around, how the city was built and shaped thanks to encounters and exchanges with foreign personalities and communities. » Colette de Lucia, Échappées belles, 15.01.2024.   📖