The defense industry in East Central Europe. Restructuring and conversion, Oxford University Press, 1997


“Yudit Kiss is a hard-working, perceptive and gently intrepid analyst of the political economics of our times. Her subject here (..) are the difficulties of the transformation of the arms industry from a command economy to a market economy system in four typical countries. (..) What she found is worthwhile to ponder and worry about. “

András Bródy, Buksz, Summer, 1998

"Highly descriptive, it provides good background information for historians, security theorists and comparativists alike ... What makes this book a 'pioneer' attempt is the research approach ... the methodological approach and the spelling-out of statistical difficulties is an important scholarly finding ... the book is an eye-opener and invites a serious reality-check."

Georgeta V. Pourchot, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington DC, European Security, Vol 7, no 3, Autumn 1998.

Yudit Kiss, The defense industry in East Central Europe. Restructuring and conversion. A review.

Hiromasa Nakayama, PRIME, International Peace Research Institute, Meiji Gakuin University, 13 July 1999

“Yudit Kiss gives a lucid description and analysis of this complex problem.”

Janos Matus, Defense analysis, Vol.15. No.2. Aug 1999

“She does, however, underline that ‘conversion is not a technical matter but one that requires changes in thought patterns and behavior to truly democratic policy making’ and her analysis reveals deficiencies in these respects as the main cause of the general failure with regard to conversion of the arms industries.”

NOD & conversion, Copenhagen Centre for Peace and Conflict Research at the University of Copenhagen

  • Arms Industry Transformation and Integration. The Choices of Central Europe,  Oxford University Press, 2014.

  • "(…) the first authoritative account of the adjustments in the East Central European defence industries in response to the changed political and economic environment of the post-Cold War era. (…) Yudit Kiss provides unique insights into the different strategies adopted by the countries ..(…)"

    Henrik Heidenkamp , Royal United Services Institute,  The RUSI Journal, , 160:2, 27 Apr 2015

    "(…) a positive and important characteristic of Kiss' research and narrative ability is the entwining of historical and current economic and defence factors. (…) Kiss' work is a tremendous and remarkably well-constructed resource. Her analysis of arms transformation in Eastern Europe is not only highly useful for analysts, but is timely and relevant as well."

    Nathaniel L. Moir, SUNY, University of Albany,  Journal of Common Market Studies , Volume 53, Issue 6, November 2015.

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